URM: Tell us about yourself, your educational background and how you chose to be a trainer and consultant.

Anubha Walia: I am the first child of my parents. My father was an IAS officer in Allied Services and mother a home maker. The nature of my father’s job involved frequent transfers and thus we lived in several different areas of the country and got education from different schools and colleges. This helped me having a broader outlook on life. After my graduation from LSR College, I completed Masters in Commerce and Post Grad from Narsee Monjee, and received various International certifications from US, UK & Australia. Presently I am pursuing PhD in a topic called “Followership”. I am happy to share that I got an opportunity to bag Gold medal &recipient of Emerging HRD thinker award consecutive 5 times by ISTD (Min of HRD).

After working for almost 12 years in corporate with blue chip organisation in Training and Quality vertical, I realized that a lot can be done towards the growth of new generation (Gen Y), and thus in June 2011, started my journey in facilitation & training under the banner “PRISM Trainings and Consultancy”. The motive is to bring new ways of imparting trainings and sharing novel concepts.

URM: You have a vast experience as trainer in corporate world. What is your mantra for a continuous career development and growth?

I follow two principles which are “PRISM” and “High Energy” . PRISM means Prepare, Respect, Integrity, Share and Maintain. Prepare is something that I dedicatedly follow. Strong preparation is a factor that helps people in getting success and becoming great. Respect and Integrity is something I learnt from my parents, Seniors, and Bosses. I personally feel these are the values which gets reflected in your action. I love sharing my knowledge wealth & experience and want to nurture clan & generation. Maintain is not only related to sustenance but also commitment and to be consistent you need both. Ofcourse High Energy reflects passion for doing the tasks you love.

URM: Do you think there is a way to be happy even when you didn’t get what you expected or when expectations aren’t met in life?

Anubha Walia: Yes, there are ways. We usually dishearten when we face failure but if you start working on WHY you didn’t succeed and start analyzing it, you get an answer. Secondly share your unhappy moments with your loved ones and see magic happening when they make you see a different perspective.

URM: You are the founder of PRISM CONSULTANCY & TRAININGS. What are the different programs it offers? Is it only for corporates or for individuals too?

Anubha Walia: We offer a wide gamut of end to end Training services focusing on Soft skills Program, Behavioral Session, Gen X & Y Program, Outbound Team Building, Quality workshops and Consultancy on (Human Process and HRM intervention ).Some of our Flagship programs are : Leadership, Change Management, Team Building, Communication & Presentation Skills, Six Sigma, Quality tools, First time Manager, People Management skills, Creative Problem Solving, Time Management, Selling Skills, Customer Service to name a few.

We work with clients in developing their people, benchmarking level of talent, identifying potential and accelerate people’s growth with Intervention plans. We also help our clients develop high performing teams, implement people development programmes and embed the values and culture.

You can visit www.prism-global.org for more inputs.

URM: With changing trends in corporates, it’s quite common to see young professionals taking up the roles of managers & leaders. What are your tips for them?

Anubha Walia: Change or no change, the set of skills is the basic need. And then the Tips I share are not my own but learned from my parents and seniors : Share, Involve and walk together.
Share as much as you can and involve others in your journey and you see world would be walking with you.

URM: You are currently doing a research on “Followership”. Very new term for us. I mean in India, we have always heard of “leadership” but never about “Followership”. Would love to know more details. ☺

Anubha Walia: I am actively engaged in research work on Followership (proud feeling of first lady in India, who is working on this topic). I am trying to see the relationship between followership and leadership style leading to organisation effectiveness. Followership is an emerging concept. Followers are subordinates and the majority of people, particularly in organizations, are more often followers than leaders. The role of the follower has not been considered an inherently valuable so as leader, but I am trying to find an answer with my research, Followers is a role with a specialized set of skills, motivations, and the power to enhance organizational potential, presently lot of Preparation is going on.

URM: What is your advice for Indian Women?

Anubha Walia: We Women have great potential as being mother, wife, daughters, sister or as superior, subordinate or peer in an organisation. Women are known for their dedication and compassion. Just keep working smartly on what ever you wish too achieve, never compromise on your self development while enjoying and speed love and create bondage.

URM: Thanks so much for your time. Any message for our readers?

Anubha Walia: Be the  best in what ever you do, each one of us have excellent skills, identify your potential / skill and work towards eminence. All the best. You can reach me at anubhawalia@gmail.com